Buy Phentermine Without Prescription

If you searched for diet pills, you probably heard about Phentermine – medication that suppresses appetite. Phentermine very similar to how the Amphetamines works. Amphetamine boosted energy, got rid of the feeling of being tired, improved mood, increased concentration and suppressed hunger. These features made Amphetamine popular among soldiers who could remain good spirits even without food and with no sleep while being on a combat mission. But Phentermine does not cause euphoria unlike Amphetamine, that’s why Phentermine officially permitted as weight loss medication.

Phentermine effect is based on stress by activating the fight-or-flight body response. This is survival mechanism that runs in dangerous situations. Phentermine disables body functions that are not important at stress moment but activates those functions that are necessary for survival. You can see well because you are sighted. You can act quicker because your pressure gets higher. But when you are in the fight or running you don’t think about food, right?

Activity caused by one pill of Phentermine is similar to a few cups of good coffee. Laziness disappears, attention is focused, you full of energy, you are ready to run or fight. Appetite is suppressed thanks to Phentermine but metabolism is increased. For refill extra energy body receives energy from fat. You reach the negative energy balance when fat is burned and weight is reduced. Patients who are taking Phentermine 37.5 mg are able to reduce their weight by 5-10 pounds a week. But main problem is most patients gain back all the lost weight soon after they stop taking Phentermine.

“Weight back effect” has to make the patient develops a special strategy in order to preserve the results achieved thanks to Phentermine after the treatment is over. Patients can’t swallow pills and wait for a miracle. Pharmacological effect from Phentermine should be converted into changes in the patient’s lifestyle. Start living an active lifestyle, rethinking and changing old eating habits for healthy menus. Phentermine treatment strategy is start the process, reach impressive results and never stop. The first step is the most difficult.

Online Doctor Prescribe Phentermine

Some of internet pharmacies offer “online prescription” option for Phentermine ordering, based on your answers of the health questions. This is like medical questionnaire. All the questions must be filled fully and sincerely. Your answers will be sent to doctor who review your health condition. If you successfully pass test you will get Phentermine. Pay attention that obtaining a prescription through an online form is not a real physical exam. A virtual doctor doesn’t see you and you don’t meet him in person. Nothing prevents you from providing false answers to the questions. You will take all the responsibility for your health and all possible risks associated. You have to list your gender and provide honest answers to the following questions:

• Do you have any issues with blood pressure?

• Whenwasthe last time youvisited your healthcare provider?

• Do you smoke?

• Describe your heart condition

• Mention any medical conditions, injuries or chronic diseases you have / had in the past

• List all medications you are currently taking
The doctor from the same pharmacy will remotely examine all your answers and decide whether you need a prescription for Phentermine or not. Online prescription service is based on the main principle: you provide honest answers to all the questions. Only your answers can help doctor decide whether Phentermine is necessary for you or not. If you successfully pass this test you will receive Phentermine along with the doctor’s prescription included in your package.

Phentermine Online Alternatives

Phentermine is not the only one diet pill. You can take natural weight loss supplements that legally sold online without prescription. Some of them sound or look like real Phentermine but contain other ingredients. PhenQ or Phen375 for example. Both drugs suppress hunger and provide energy. These diet pills unlike Phentermine are over-the-counter drugs. But remember that all these medicines are herbal products. They have nothing common with real Phentermine.

FDA approved only one OTC diet pill in the United States – Orlistat better known under the brands of Alli and Xenical. Orlistat – the first diet pill which acts only in the gastrointestinal tract. Orlistat blocking fat by inhibiting gastric and pancreatic lipases. They prevents absorption of approximately 30% of dietary fats. Weight loss effect from Orlistat caused by two factors: a decrease in intake of fat and development of side effects – unpleasant sensations in the stomach when taking fatty food that causes the patient to limit fatty food. In other words Alli sticks to stomach walls and blocks fat. If you eat fat you have diarrhea. If you don’t want diarrhea you don’t eat fat.

Ethics of Phentermine Prescribing

Medical practice shows that many patients who are treated with Phentermine lose weight and improve their quality of life. The questions are. How dangerous is Phentermine? Should you take Phentermine only after you have compared all possible risks and benefits? What are the indications and principles for Phentermine treatment?

Fen-Phen – generic of Phentermine was withdrawn from the USA markets in 90s after the reports had shown it caused serious side effects such as heart valve lesions. Even before this diet pill was banned, many doctors had used to prescribe them to patients under their pressure. But after the withdrawn the use of all drugs of Phentermine group should only be permitted after a some ethical issues are resolved.

Even though the number of patients with obesity is growing up, many doctors still fear prescribing Phentermine to patients and believe that such treatment has more risks than benefits. We should more carefully consider all the ethical aspects of obesity drug therapy to help doctors take a decision whether to prescribe Phentermine or not.

Some doctors consider benefits to their patients being the main principle. They have a big desire to do their best to ensure that their patient feels better. In this case, the doctor takes a moral commitment to the treatment if he believes that it will really help his patient. And by answering the question whether his patient will get positive effects after taking Phentermine, the doctor still risks either to overestimate or underestimate the potential benefits.

The flip side of the previous approach of the “harmlessness” is going back to Hippocrates oath, “First, do no harm.” In this case, the doctor should ask himself what the real risks of Phentermine treatment are. Once again, we should emphasize that it is highly important to every physician neither to overestimate nor underestimate the degree of possible treatment risks. This principle states the doctor’s role is his ability to weigh the risks of Phentermine use, compare them with the potential benefits to a particular patient and take a decision based on what is best to human health.